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Polarized Glasses and their Benefits - Klarec EyeWear

Polarized Glasses have been getting popularized over time especially preferred initially by People who prefer outdoor sports like Boating.

Polarised sunglasses (Checkout Klarec EyeWear’s SunGlasses collection here) can be helpful in many other situations where we encounter glare. Polarized Sunglasses are a great companion while driving as it helps reduce the glare from the road surfaces

I know a lot of People who have extra light sensetivity and for such people Polarised sunglasses are a boon.They are able to go out without being concerned about the lights outside.

How do polarized lenses work?
Light is generally uniformly distributed and thus gives us clear visibility.

However in some unique situations caused by reflections from flat surfaces the light sometimes becomes polarized and travels in horizontal direction .

This is the cause for excessive glare from certain surfaces especially roads

The filters in Polarized lenses blocks intense reflected light and therefore reduces glare helping one see better

Polarized Sunglasses from Klarec EyeWear are great outdoor companions be it your next bike drive or going out in the Sun. Choose from various shapes and Shades

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